We are your best insurance option

Who We Are

Good Price Insurance Services was created in 2013 by an independent agent with nine years of combined experience in the insurance industry. We continue to share the common goal of developing a hands-on business where we can personally understand and respond to the needs of our clients. We feel it is important to guarantee each client superior service.

From the beginning, Good Price Insurance Services had enjoyed steady growth, and today we are recognized as one of the leading client-oriented and independently owned agencies in California. Good Price Insurance Services is dedicated to providing you with the best risk management services available at the most competitive premiums.


Professional – All personnel within the agency are licensed and current with industry trends and prevailing laws.

Innovative – We actively explore various ways to reduce your business risks, as well as expenses.

Thorough – Each client’s business or personal situation is thoroughly reviewed in order to address every potential risk and insurance cost.

Attentive – We are good listeners. We hear your requests and respond in a prompt and helpful manner.

Communicative – It is vital in our business to maintain ongoing communication with you to better understand and adapt to your specific, changing needs.

Reliable – We strive to earn your confidence and trust so that you know that your best interests are always being represented.